Mon - Sat (11am -4pm)


Mon - Thurs (4pm - 7pm)


Trio of Dips & Bread (v)

Hummus, spinach & aubergine salad served with homemade stone bake Turkish bread

Corba (v)

Homemade soup of the day served with stone baked Turkish Bread

Garlic Pizza Bread (v)

Izgara Sucuk

Spicy Turkish lamb sausage on a skewer

Borek (Spicy Chicken Roll)

Wrapped in filo pastry served with a sweet chilli dip

Muska Borek (v) (Feta Cheese Triangle)

Feta cheese with spinach & herbs wrapped in a filo pastry and deep fried

Humus & Bread (v)

Crushed chick peas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice & garlic

Kalamar (Battered Squid Rings)

Served with tartare sauce

Firin Kofte

Minced lamb balls in tomato sauce topped with cheese baked in the oven

Falafel (v)

Crushed chickpeas, butter beans, onions, pepper, carrot, coriander & garlic balls deep fried and served with yoghurt dip

Spinach Tarator (v) (Spinach with Turkish Yoghurt)

With garlic, olive oil & shredded carrots served with bread

Main Course

Kiremitte Kofte (Oven baked meatballs)

With tomato and Turkish pepper served with rice & salad

Et Sote (Lamb Casserole)

Tender lean cube of lamb slow cooked in a tomato, mushroom, green pepper & herb sauce served with rice & salad


Pan-fried seabass served with rice & salad

Izgara Pilic

Chargrilled chicken breast served with rice & salad

Imam Bayildi (v) (Oven baked Stuffed Aubergine)

With pepper, onion, tomato & garlic served with rice & salad

Yaprak Dolma (v)

Stuffed vine leaves in tomato sauce

Beyti Kebab (Chargrilled Lamb Fillet)

Thin slices of lamb fillet marinated in oregano served with rice & salad

Tavuk Kavurma (Chicken Sizzler)

Turkish sizzler served with rice and salad

Tavuk Makarna

Chicken pasta with tomato garlic or creamy garlic sauce

Kofte Makarna

Meatballs pasta with tomato garlic sauce

Veg Pasta (v)

Seasonal vegetables with tomato garlic or creamy garlic sauce

Wraps - with Chips & Salad Garnish

Chicken Wrap Chargrilled chicken breast, lettuce, red onions & mayo
Meatballs Wrap Lettuce and red onions & mayo
Hellumi Wrap (V) Lettuce and red onions & mayo

Kids Menu

£6.95 per child
Under 12’s 

Comes with a soft drink & ice cream

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