Cold Beverages

Arjantin Float

Arjantin Float £4.50 A refreshing favourite on the streets of turkey. Choice of cranberry, mango or pineapple juice, topped with vanilla ice cream

Floating Citrus Cooler

Floating Citrus Cooler £4.50 An invigorating blend of lemonade or soda, mint & crushed ice, topped with lemon sorbet


Milkshakes £4.50 Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry or Banana

Iced Turkish Coffee

Iced Turkish Coffee £3.95 Unique blend of Turkish coffee, cold milk, chocolate & ice

Kahveli Dondurma

Kahveli Dondurma £4.50 Affogato-style dessert, choice of espresso or Turkish coffee, poured over vanilla ice cream

Icy Lemon

Icy Lemon £6.95 Lemon sorbet served with a large shot of absolut citron vodka & mint

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