Cocktail Menu

    • Cocktails

    • Amaratto Sour


      Amaretto, lemon juice, sugar, served with cherry cocktail & orange zest

    • Bloody Mary


      A savoury blend of vodka, spicy tomato juice, lemon juice & celery

    • Cosmopolitan


      Vodka, triple sec & cranberry juice with a fresh lime wedge squeeze

    • Espresso Martini


      Kahlua coffee liqueur & vodka blended with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce

    • Flirtini


      Vodka, pineapple juice topped with Prosecco

    • French Martini


      Grey goose vodka, chambord black raspberry liqueur & pineapple juice

    • Istanbul Sunrise


      A refreshing fusion of tequila, orange juice & grenadine

    • Istanbul Sunset


      Bacardi superior rum, Malibu, orange juice & grenadine

    • Kir Royale Imperieal


      A flute of Prosecco & chambord black raspberry liqueur

    • Limon Fizz


      An invigorating fusion of lemon sorbet, vodka & Prosecco, garnished with fresh mint

    • Long Island Iced Tea


      Gin, vodka, rum, tequila and triple sec mixed with lemon & coke

    • Mai Tai


      Rum & triple sec mixed with lime & pineapple juice

    • Mancoco


      Bacardi & coconut rum, blended with passao mango juice & grenadine

    • Margarita


      A blend of tequila, triple sec & a hint of citrus lime juice

    • Mojito


      The original mix of Bacardi superior rum, lime , sugar & fresh mint topped with soda & served over crushed ice

    • Mud Surprise


      Baileys, Kahlua coffee liqueur & vodka blended with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate sauce

    • Negroni


      Gin, vermouth rosso, Campari, garnished with orange zest and ice

    • Pimms No.1 & Lemonade


      Classic pimms no.1 mixed with fruit & fresh mint, topped with ice and lemonade

    • Pimms Royale


      An alternative version to the classic Kir Royale, this fusion of pimms and Prosecco makes a deliciously fruity aperitif

    • Pina Colada


      White rum, cream of coconut & pineapple juice, served over crushed ice

    • Pineapple Fluff


      Malibu rum & midori, mixed with banana liqueur & pineapple juice

    • Pornstar Martini


      Vodka, passao, lime juice, vanilla & a shot of Prosecco on the side

    • Sex on the Beach


      Archers peach schnapps & vodka, mixed with orange & cranberry juice

    • Strawberry Daiquiri


      Rum, strawberry liqueur, lime juice and sugar, garnished with fresh strawberries

    • Swinging Sultan


      Exotic cocktail inspired by the taste of Turkey combines vodka, pomegranate juice, lime juice and triple sec, with a mist of raki & a twist of orange

    • Woo Woo


      A modern classic with archers peach schnapps, vodka & cranberry juice

    • Mocktails

    • Apple Mojo-Less


      Fresh mint with apple juice, lime & vanilla syrup, topped with soda and crushed ice

    • Arjantin Float


      A refreshing favourite on the streets of Turkiye, sour cherry, pineapple or cranberry juice topped with vanilla ice cream

    • Istanbul Sunshine


      Pineapple & orange juice with grenadine, topped with lemonade & crushed ice

    • Mint Lime & Lemonade Special


      Freshly mint with lime juice, topped with lemonade & crushed ice

    • Strawberry Sublime


      Fresh strawberries & mint with sugar, lime juice, soda & crushed ice

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